Marieve Herington

Bonjour, nice to meet you…


MARIEVE is a Los Angeles based ACTOR, SINGER & COMEDIC HUMAN born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada…

You know, I was gonna write this in third person… but it’s getting weird right?

I’ve been a performing monkey for a while now, acting professionally since I was 9, voicing cartoons since I was 10, and making jazz albums since I was 17.

My first album, Blossoming was an homage to Blossom Dearie, so that’s fun.

Marieve Herington

I now live in Los Angeles & you might have seen my face on nifty shows like How I Met Your Mother or Good Luck Charlie. Or maybe heard my voice in Doc McStuffins or Lion Guard or Ice Age: Continental Drift.

In 2015, I parlayed my obsession with weddings into something useful for once, and created, co-wrote, produced, & acted in a digital series, Pleasant Events.

Pleasant events was featured on as well as’s front page where they called us, “binge worthy.”

Recently, I’ve written a few sitcom scripts with my impossibly tall husband, (6’8”, I do not kid.)

I’m currently working on season 2 of Disney’s Big City Greens as everyone’s favorite weirdo, Tilly.